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In the first few days everything seemed normal. Aside from the twitchiness, the bursts of adrenaline that kept him from sleeping, and the sudden flareups of pain and flashes of memory in his eye. Then came the nosebleeds, something he kept hidden from Hermann easily enough. It seemed he got them as well, but nothing like Newt did, nothing that had him close to passing out from blood loss afterwards, surrounded by piles of bloodied tissues and napkins.

But then it got worse. No, then it got weird. The blood dripping down faded to a dull purple, then blue, then an all too familiar blue that he’d last seen when he cleaned up Kaiju remains from his lab the day before. When the nosebleed stopped he’d dragged himself to the computer, babbling out incoherent excuses when Hermann heckled him for what the hell he was doing.

It seemed like the repeated drifts had done something, something he couldn’t have predicted. Given how neither time that he’d done the kaiju drift had been with legitimate machinery, the first time moreso than anything it’d had similar effects that the jaeger eventually did on Pentecost. Radiation and a few other unstable components, coupled with the extreme overload of the kaiju’s brain had done something to his genetic coding. 

Dammit, Hermann was gonna kill him with his ‘I told you so’s.

I dunno, I just kind of imagined that due to the exposures from repeated drifts Newt’s genetic code kind of got scrambled a bit or something, and at times his body is switching between kaiju DNA and his own, giving him an tolerability to acidic properties of the kaiju blood but also leaving him with a few bad side effects.

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